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This Design/Build project consisted of a 53,066 sf hangar to service C-17 transport airplanes. The project included extending/modifying six environmental monitoring wells and incorporating them into the hangar slab-on-ground, complete 10-inch diameter aircraft rated valve box frames and covers, and installing all new lighting, concrete foundation and floors, site utilities, mechanical, HVAC systems, plumbing, electrical power systems, and fire alarm system with fire sprinkler system and HEF aircraft fire protection systems. A sanitary sewer-lift station, complete with all associated wet and dry wells, manholes, piping. plus required appurtenances was included as well as an aircraft wash-water industrial water treatment plant. Hangar bay utilities included breathable air, compressed air, electrical power, natural gas, and aircraft hot water power washing equipment.

C-17 Hangar, Phase 1 > March Air Force Base, CA

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Design/Build construction of a 4,000 sf hangar and maintenance facility.

Aero Club Maintenance Hangar > Beale Air Force Base, CA

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These facilities included the addition and extension of an existing concrete slab for a hangar structure, installation of a taxi way, helicopter landing pad, associated support facilities, infrastructure, and completion of previously initiated earthwork activities on the site.

Air & Marine Helipad

Yuma Aircraft Armament.jpg

This Design/Build project was for an aircraft test and maintenance hangar. The hangar foundations are shallow-type spread footings and continuous footings proportioned for gravity and lateral load resistance. Two aircraft load-rated power pits supply 60Hz, 400Hz, 28V dc power and communications connections between the three green pads on the apron. In addition, construction included an asphalt surface parking lot, a 57,600 sf concrete apron and taxiway with two Fire Department access roads to the apron, three helicopter staging areas with tie-downs, grounding points, power and communications, and an oil/water separator to capture discharge from the hangar bay areas.

Aircraft Armament Test & Maintenance Facility > Yuma Proving Ground, AZ

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This project included construction of an elevated walkway to connect the main airport with satellite east concourse. In addition, two escalators were installed. The various work activities took place over a six-month duration in a high security area at the airport, requiring limited access for on-site personnel.

Airport East Course Connector Additions > Colorado Springs, CO

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This parking lot renovation project included reconfiguring the rental car lot and short term parking lots and replacing pavement with concrete paving, adding additional paving, relocating flow traffic lanes, adding a flyover bridge, installing a new storm ewer, new parking light fixtures, and new landscaping. A 96-inch pump house was included. This was a three-acre project site that required 10,000 cubic yards of concrete for 44,000 square yards of concrete pavement.

Airport and Rental Car Parking Lot Modifications > Colorado Springs, CO