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Design/Build construction encompassing 5 buildings on a 12 acre site. Included a Vehicle Maintenance Facility, Hardstand HazMat Storage, Company Operations Facility, Secured Storage Administration Facility, and Covered Storage.

Special Forces Operations Battalion Support Complex > Fort Carson, CO

Design/Build & Fast Track: Testimonial

This Design/Build project included demolition and renovation of the interior including utilities, fie alarm, floor, walls, and ceilings. As the main dining hall on Buckley AFB, reducing any downtime was of great importance to the project. The fast-track success used intensive management of design and construction and was completed in only 105 days.

This highly successful fast-track project won the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers "Outstanding Performance Award".

Buckley Dining Hall Remodel > Buckley Air Force Base, CO

Design/Build & Fast Track: Testimonial
Operational Support Facility Peterson SCIF.jpg

This Design/Build project included a one-story brick building with steel web trusses and metal-stud interior walls. We included three SCIF areas and extensive data and communication support, including a fiber-optic premise system for computer network. Also included were a server room, special cooling system, and CMU and STC-rated areas. The security system encompassed cameras, card readers, and ancillary equipment.

This leading SCIF project won the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers "Outstanding Performance Award".

Operational Support Facility Construction > Peterson Air Force Base

Design/Build & Fast Track: Testimonial

Design/Build construction of a 2,000 sf facility that provides classroom training and testing for new pilots.

Aero Club Administrative Facility > Beale Air Force Base, CA

Design/Build & Fast Track: Testimonial
Rolling Pin Barracks.jpg

Design/Build construction of four 31,107 sf troop barracks defined this project and required significant offsite utilities. It is compliant with the Bronze standard of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. This originally 15-month design and construction schedule was completed in only 14 months and set the standard for all future projects at Fort Carson. The project blends the speed and economy of pre-engineered structures and process floors with traditional masonry exterior walls.

Operational Readiness Training Complex Barracks > Fort Carson, CO 

Design/Build & Fast Track: Testimonial
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