Protective Helmet

Complete renovation of four 20,000 sf troop barracks. The project required complete demolition of the interior including bearing walls, all mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and flooring. The project included installation of new interior steel stud partitions with drywall and paint. New exterior stair towers supported by engineered helical screw foundations were added. Also included was a new pre-engineered truss system with standing seam metal decking. All interior finishes, mechanical systems, electrical systems, HVAC and plumbing systems met the SPIRIT standards for the Directorate of Contracting at Fort Carson.

Benham-Blair Barracks Renovation > Fort Carson, CO

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Desgin/Build construction of fourteen 46,224 sf troop barracks and a 14-month accelerated schedule that used the army's 1 plus 1 standard for barracks defined this project. It is compliant with the Bronze standard for LEED certification. This project had significant Force Protection Standards. It was a complete demolition and remodel that included adding a new standing seam metal roof, upgraded mechanical, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and fire suppression systems. Extensive site and utility work were also addressed.

Rolling Pin Barracks Renovations > Fort Carson, CO

Rolling Pin Barracks.jpg

Design/Build construction of four 31,107 sf troop barracks defined this project and required significant offsite utilities. It is compliant with the Bronze standard of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. This originally 15-month design and construction schedule was completed in only 14 months and set the standard for all future projects at Fort Carson. The project blends the speed and economy of pre-engineered structures and process floors with traditional masonry exterior walls.

Operational Readiness Training Complex Barracks > Fort Carson, CO 

Protective Helmet

The historical renovation was a complete remodel of a 4-story, 28,000 sf building to create individual living quarters including bathroom and kitchen facilities. New HVAC, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, fire suppression, and card reader security systems were included as part of the scope.

Brown Hall Dormitory Renovations > Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind, Colorado Springs, CO